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Everything about Levate, our philosophy and our team

We all experience it every day. Whether on television, social media, or at work: everywhere we see, hear, and feel how we could or should be. It's a permanent pressure to perform. And a constant run at the limit, which ultimately leads to total exhaustion. We have to learn to find our inner balance again.

Levate was born out of this desire: to counteract the constant higher, faster, further and to fill our lives with more life again.

about us
"Health must be thought of holistically."

Hi, I'm Linda! For over 14 years, I have been caring for people holistically as a sports therapist and personal trainer - for a healthy body and a vital mind. However, along the way I often searched in vain for suitable nutritional supplements that corresponded to my values: many of them were too one-sided, too complicated, too intransparent; and not of high enough quality in terms of processing and presentation. So the idea for Levate grew: my own nutritional supplements - high quality, transparent, vegan and synergetic. Products for more inner balance and vitality.

Levate-Gründerin Linda Reich

As a child, I often helped at my mother's health food store. She taught me to eat consciously and healthily: To appreciate food, but also to critically question its ingredients and composition. Her holistic understanding of nutrition and health still shapes me today - both privately and professionally.

Together with my team of nutrition and sports scientists, experts and designers, I therefore developed Sun and Renew - Levate's first two nutritional supplements. In them, we combine selected high-quality vegan ingredients in such a way that they unfold their effects in the best possible way, while avoiding anything that burdens the body, mind, and environment.

"Unsere Vision:
Mehr Leichtigkeit in jedem Moment."

Our values

Good things can be easy. From our name, to our capsules and ingredients, to our shipping packaging - ease is our central theme. Our goal: to make all aspects of our brand light and beautiful. Specifically, this means easy ingestion through finely tuned intelligent formulations without unnecessary fillers, climate-neutral shipping in gentle refill packs, as well as aesthetic, positive communication & design.

Our values
Synergy & Quality

Strong together - this is the basic value on which we have built our team of nutritionists, sports scientists, experts and designers. And we also develop our formulas according to this principle: selected, high-quality active ingredients that together achieve more than the sum of their parts. So that you don't have to burden yourself with a multitude of different products, but can rely on the intelligent effect of Sun and Renew.

Our values

Our corporate responsibility is also all about lightness and ease. But that doesn't mean we take it lightly. Rather, we are concerned with making the highest demands on our product and, in return, doing without everything else that unnecessarily burdens the environment and society: Our products are 100% vegan, without preservatives, dyes or flavorings, have not been tested on animals and are GMO-free. We also ship our products climate neutrally in low-impact refill bags.

We are constantly looking for improved solutions to further reduce our ecological footprint.

Unser Versprechen

Unsere Produkte sind 100 % laktose- und glutenfrei. Unsere hochwertigen Inhaltsstoffe und Kapseln sind vegan und auch für Allergiker bestens geeignet. Unnötige Füll- und Zusatzstoffe haben bei uns keinen Platz. Wir achten auf absolute Reinheit.

Our values

The market for dietary supplements can be very opaque. You often encounter exaggerated marketing promises and products with more fillers than active ingredients.

We want to change that. We consistently avoid unnecessary preservatives, colorants and fillers and provide transparent information about all ingredients and their effects. If you have any further questions, please feel free to ask us here.

Our values
high quality

For our formulations, we use only selected, strictly controlled ingredients - unadulterated and free of unnecessary additives.

All products come from a selected contract manufacturer in Austria, who transparently declares where the ingredients come from. The capsules are vegan and free from any fillers, preservatives and dyes.