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Everything you want to know about Levate and more

Levate stands for lightness & ease - for body, mind and soul.

But where did the idea for Levate come from? What do we mean when we talk about synergy? And what distinguishes our products from other dietary supplements?

So that you can get to know us even better, we have collected the most frequently asked questions and answers and summarized them here:

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Here you can find out everything about us and the idea behind our brand. If you would like to know more, please write to us here!

Levate is a young Hamburg-based company that has set itself the goal of bringing more ease into every moment. No constant higher, faster, further, but the clear commitment to more well-being, vitality, balance and satisfaction with one' s own being.

In cooperation with our team of nutritionists, sports scientists and designers, we develop high-quality vegan products that are precisely tailored to the individual needs of modern life. 

For our formulas, we use only selected, strictly controlled ingredients - unadulterated and free of unnecessary additives. Intelligently combined, they become even more valuable, as they support each other positively in their effect. Through these synergies, our products unfold their special power.

The name Levate is derived from the English Elevate (raise, lift, edify) and stands for lightness & ease of being. For us, lightness means doing without unnecessary burdens on the mind, body and environment. And to support our customers in reducing stress and finding their inner balance again.

Levate, the passion project of our founder Linda Reich, was born out of the desire to counteract the constant higher, faster, further - no constant self-optimization but rather inner balance and vitality.

As a sports therapist and personal trainer, she has been caring for people holistically and sustainably for over 14 years. With regard to nutritional supplements, however, many products available on the market fell short of her demands for quality, sustainability and ease of use.

Levate aims to change that: synergistic formulas and ease of use instead of countless one-sided products; selected high-quality ingredients instead of empty promises and unnecessary fillers; well thought-out sustainable packaging instead of large-volume plastic bottles. In short: finely tuned, synergetic formulas for inner balance and ease. Simply the good things.

According to the definition, synergies are the (positive) interaction of living beings, substances and forces to an overall performance that is often greater than the sum of the individual parts.

For us, this means combining good things in such a way that they can have the best possible effect. For us, synergy is more than just a buzzword. We try to build every aspect of our brand - from the team to the products - with this principle.

About our products

Sun and Renew - our first two dietary supplements for more lightness in your life. Click here for background info.

We develop high-quality vegan food supplements with finely tuned recipes and synergistic ingredients.

We only use selected, strictly controlled active ingredients for our products - unadulterated and free of unnecessary additives. Intelligently combined, the active ingredients become even more valuable, as they support each other positively in their effects. This synergy of the active ingredients gives our products their special power and makes it easier for you to take them.

In Sun we combine vitamin D3 for optimal bioavailability with vitamin K2 MK7 and magnesium and thus enable a positive effect on your immune system, your bones, teeth and muscles.

Renew contains 18 selected active ingredients that are in their Combination have an anti-inflammatory and regenerative effect on your body. In addition, they improve your sleep, have a positive effect against stress and increase well-being. And another interesting side fact: Renew smells wonderfully fresh with citrus and ginger.

Yes, our capsules, active ingredients and products are 100% vegan.

No, our products are lactose and gluten free. We also dispense with all unnecessary fillers and additives.

Sun For Sun we recommend taking one capsule per day with sufficient water. Since the formula contains the fat-soluble vitamins D3 and K2, Sun is best taken with a meal. The time of day is not important.

RenewFor Renew we recommend taking 3 capsules daily with sufficient water. You can decide for yourself whether you would rather take the capsules with a meal or not. However, the effect of L-tryptophan can be increased by taking it on an empty stomach.

Payment, Shipping & Delivery

Here you will find all relevant information about our payment and shipping methods as well as delivery conditions.

We ship exclusively with our logistics partner DHL.

Within Germany and other EU countries, we ship climate-neutrally with DHL GoGreen. We currently offer the standard rate within Germany, while shipping to other EU countries is via DHL Standard International.

Delivery to Germany

Within Germany we deliver climate-neutrally with DHL GoGreen. The shipping costs are 4.50 €, from an order value of 100.00 € the delivery is free of charge. The delivery time for an order within Germany is approx. 3 to 4 days.

Delivery within the EU (European Union)

Delivery in other European countries (Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom) costs €13.99. The delivery time is usually 2 to 8 working days.

For complaints, please simply contact us at with a brief description of your complaint. We usually respond within 2 business days with all relevant information.